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ругаем Набокова

Просматриваю сейчас свои архивы набоковской рассылки в поисках материала к предыдущей записи. Перечитываю то, что посылал туда два и три года назад. Забавно.

Вот такого рода высказывания создали мне там определённую репутацию нахального посягателя на самое святое (не думаю, что репутация сохранилась, т.к. уже больше года ничего туда не писал):

As I tried to explain in a longish message sent to this list about a year ago (which also cited Nabokov's opinion on Stendhal), I think Nabokov was a pretty bad literary critic, who almost never had anything coherent to say about why he badmouthed this or that famous or unknown writer (when he *does* have something coherent to say, as in the case of Dostoyevsky, then his critical writings are witty, deep and important). Admirers of this genius among writers (and I am definitely such an admirer myself) are often too easily intimidated by his brash diatribes into believing that fanciful expressions of scorn can replace real, thoughtful criticism. There are many writers whom Nabokov dismissed without in any substantial way backing his opinion up with real criticism, and Stendhal just happens to be among them. It's a silly game writers love playing, and Nabokov was good at it.

Однако же, я и сегодня готов под этим подписаться.

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