Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

проблематика гендерных туалетов (англ.)

В пандан ко вчерашней ссылке о запрете слов master/slave в компьютерной терминологии в Лос-Анджелесе.

Вот какую прелесть я отыскал. Организация Coalition for a Queer Safe Campus в Чигагском университете требует прекратить дискриминационную практику разделения туалетов на мужские и женские. Ведь сейчас при походе в туалет приходится выбирать, в какой из них идти!
“Going to the bathroom is a moment where definition is very important in choosing a door,” said Mary Anne Case, one of the panelists.

She pointed out that many women’s restrooms have a caricature of a person in a dress on it. “Going into it implies that we are willing to be associated with that image. There are only two [images] to choose from. This moment involves an act of self-labeling.”


Nate Claxton, another panelist, knew people who had contracted bladder infections because choosing a gender bathroom bothered them so much that they did not go to the bathroom all day.

Reaction around campus to the idea of gender-neutral bathroom was mixed. Roger Simon, a second-year in the College, agreed with the idea. “I believe that if all parts of the body were treated equally, and there was not so much emphasis on genitalia, than people could move beyond gender differences and grow mentally and socially,” he said.
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