Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

цитаты (англ.)

Несколько встретившихся в последнее время и понравившихся англоязычных цитат.
  • "Most charming accent I ever heard was from a German-born woman who married a US serviceman and learned most of her English in Midland TX. I'll never forget her bringing a tray of goodies around and saying "Vich vun y'all vant?" "


  • "The university sends special squads appointed by the university itself to check exam malpractices, how ever if the students counter the squad with sickles and knifes and swords-it becomes a common practice that the invigilators get armed police protection. So,in a riot when the students are out to kill,very little can be done to protect themselves and people sadly, get killed."

    [из письма индийца в рассылку cypherpunks в дискуссии о качестве высшего образования в Индии]

  • "As Frederick Crews, the brilliantly polemical deconstructor of Freud, remarked, his themes (in Skeptical Engagements) are
    the specific failings of Freudian psychoanalysis; the nature, appeal, and consequences of closed, self-validating doctrines; the resultant indespensability of an empirical (evidence-oriented) point of view; and the dubious effects of literary-critical methods that spurn that point of view. The several themes really come down to just one: the fear of facing the world, including its works of literature, without an intellectual narcotic ready at hand. [p. xi]"


  • "He picks up a stone to throw at an adulteress and
    forgets that he helped to make her one."
    — Fulton John Sheen (1895-1979)
    Whence Come Wars [1940]


  • о науке и муравьях

    Сегодня я узнал об интересном исследовании навигации у муравьев, и испытал противоречивые чувства! Это выглядело вот так: статья: африканские…

  • немного о симметрии в ДНК

    Вчера я прочитал ветку в Твиттере, в которой рассказывалось о симметрии в ДНК, и она мне показалась удивительной и поразительной. В ней…

  • прокосмос

    Забавный набор вопросов для детей про космос в стиле Остера от antimeridiem - кстати, интересный журнал. Процитирую целиком: 1.…

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