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gender identity (англ.) - По делам сюда приплыл, а не за этим [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anatoly Vorobey

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gender identity (англ.) [фев. 16, 2004|10:23 pm]
Anatoly Vorobey
Любопытная статья в San Francisco Chronicle о всяческих новых, и не очень, сленговых терминах для более точной идентификации половой ориентации:
The list of terms -- which have hotly contested definitions -- goes on: "FTM" for female to male, "MTF" for male to female, "boydyke," "trannyboy, " "trannyfag," "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."
Justin, who is 19 and didn't want to use his last name because he's not out to his family as transgender, calls himself a "boi" -- with an "i" -- because he feels like a boy -- with a "y" -- but "I don't have the boy parts, as much as I wish I did."

"I'm still learning the ropes of just being me," he added.
Genderqueer: Someone who views the gender options as more than just male and female or who doesn't fit into the binary male-female system.

Trannydyke: A transgender person attracted to people with a more feminine gender.

Trannyfag: A transgender person attracted to people with a more masculine gender.

Boi: A boyish gay guy or a biological female with a boyish presentation.

Heteroflexible: A straight person with a queer mind-set.

Но это ещё что. Я тут узнал, что, оказывается, существует коммьюнити в ЖЖ, под названием gender_petition, цель существования которой — добиться, чтобы при создании журнала в ЖЖ можно было указывать свой пол не только как мужской или женский (или вообще не указывать, как тоже можно сейчас), но и разные другие альтернативные гендеры. 1239 участников, между прочим! У них и опрос есть насчёт того, какие опции следует добавить; самое душераздирающее в этом опросе — ответы в секции "Other".

[User Picture]From: oxfv
2004-02-16 12:57 pm
Да, тяжело нам тут :) Знаешь про вкручивание лампочек? How many straight san-franciscans does it take to screw in a light bulb? - both!
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[User Picture]From: ullr
2004-02-16 03:33 pm


Californians don't screw in light bulbs, they screw in hot tubs
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[User Picture]From: oxfv
2004-02-16 03:38 pm


Бррр... I'm not a real californian then :)
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