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цитаты (англ.)

Из увиденного в последнее время.
  • Латинская мнемоника:

    > I am learning latin and I am interested in neumonics that may help in memorization.

    the oddest one I've encountered was one a student taught me for the 3rd conjugation:

    "What do you have for breakfast?"
    "Oh, I usually eat bacon and eggs."

    [O, I, U/EBA/A, E] for the vowels and infixes of the present, imperfect,
    and future respectively.

  • Веблоги и о чём в них пишут:

    "I would also like to thank Ian Hickson for reminding the world that the things I write in this weblog are not spec text. Apparently there has been some confusion about that. Specs are things with important-sounding words like “W3C Recommendation”, “RFC 2616”, or “ISO 8879” at the top. Weblogs are things with cat pictures at the top. If specs are unclear, they should be fixed by things with “errata” at the top. If weblogs are unclear... hey look, cat pictures."

         — Mark Pilgrim

  • О врагах (политическое):

    For we live, according to Mr. Harris, in a civilization with an intellectual culture that is reluctant to take the idea of an external enemy seriously; its enemies, though, have no such qualms.

    "We are caught," Mr. Harris writes, "in the midst of a conflict between those for whom the category of the enemy is essential to their way of organizing all human experience and those who have banished even the idea of the enemy form both public discourse and even their innermost thoughts."

  • Особенно хорошее место у Байетт:

    "...Your Miss Nollett wants to shock. She shocks with simple daubings. Matisse was cunning and complex and violent and controlled and he knew he had to know exactly what he was doing. He knew the most shocking thing he could tell people about the purpose of his art was that it was designed to please and to be comfortable. That sentence of his about the armchair is one of the most wickedly provocative things that has ever been said about painting. You can daub the whole of the Centre Pompidou with manure from top to bottom and you will never shock as many people as Matisse did by saying art was like an armchair."

         — A.S.Byatt, "The Chinese Lobster"

  • Middle finger в древнем Риме:

    The definitive passage involving the middle-finger gesture is in Martial, Epigrammata 2:28. "Rideto multum qui te, Sextille, cinaedum / dixerit et digitum porrigito medium." (Let him laugh much, Sextillus, whoever has called you a cinaedus, and let him extend his middle finger.)

Да, кстати: тем, кто, как я, часто пользуется сайтом Perseus, и знает, что он нередко заметно перегружен и тормозит, пригодится следующий адрес: Perseus (UChicago Mirror) — полное зеркало сайта, обычно заметно быстрее.

  • нейронные сети имени козьмы пруткова

    В компании OpenAI создали новую модель (нейронную сеть) для распознавания образов, очень крутую, которая в частности сама научилась сопоставлять…

  • череда банальностей

    Понравилось ( из твиттера), метко схвачено: "Kогда понимаешь какую-то важную истину, жутко раздражает, что пробуешь объяснить ее словами и выходит…

  • о фальшивом учителе

    Поучительная история случилась в Австралии. Там обнаружили, что директор школы, а в прошлом много лет учитель, обманывал все четыре школы, в…

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