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  • Забавная цитата из биографии Сенеки:
    Veyne [автор биографии — avva] describes the the "modernity" of Seneca's writing style in the latter's Dialogues: "short, clear, penetrating, telling sentences that can make difficult questions accessible by means of a sudden metaphor." And then: "Despite his clarity, Seneca still must be taken seriously as a philosopher." !!! That "despite his clarity" sort of sums it all up, no?

    It sure does.
  • Написанное, пожалуй, с излишним пафосом, но всё же интересное эссе о джетлаге. Внутри него — любопытная история, которая мне раньше не встречалась; я не очень понял, реальная или выдуманная:
    One day in 1971, a woman called Sarah Krasnoff made off with her 14-year-old grandson, who was caught up in an unseemly custody dispute, and took him into the sky. In a plane, she knew, they were subject to no laws, and if they never stopped moving, the law could never catch up with them. They flew from New York to Amsterdam. When they arrived, they turned around and flew from Amsterdam to New York. Then they flew from New York to Amsterdam again, and from Amsterdam to New York, again and again and again, month after month.

    They took about 160 flights in all, one after the other, according to the stage piece ''Jet Lag.'' They saw 22 movies an average of seven times each. They ate lunch again and again and turned their watches six hours forward, then six hours back. The whole fugitive enterprise ended when Krasnoff, 74, finally collapsed and died, the victim, doctors could only suppose, of terminal jet lag.

  • Ещё одна интересная история, которую я нашёл во время поиска информации о предыдущем случае (Гугль почти ничего не находит (update: находит чуть больше, если искать Krassnoff, а не Krasnoff)):
    In the words of Virilio, this contemporary heroine [Sarah Krasnoff из предыдущего пункта — avva] lived in "deferred time." In 1969 a British eccentric named Donald Crowhurst joined the round-the-world solo yacht race sponsored by the Sunday Times of London. Ill-prepared but driven by the guaranteed publicity of the event, Crowhurst loaded up the film equipment provided to him by the BBC to record his journey and set sail. Within several weeks, Crowhurst encountered heavy seas in the South Atlantic. He drifted in circles on the open sea for the remainder of the race. Haunted by the specter of failure, Crowhurst broadcast false radio positions, produced a counterfeit log and documented a "successful" voyage on film. As he re-joined the race in the last leg, the fear of social humiliation finally led the troubled sailor to take his life by drowning. Crowhurst ultimately disappeared into his "deferred space."
    Эта история как раз вполне адекватно представлена в сети.

  • учебник огласовок

    Вот интересная книга, выложенная полностью бесплатно: Никудену: Курс огласовок в современном иврите Скорее всего будет интересна только тем, кто…

  • ядра - чистый женский яд

    Замечательная история про "классические наушники женский яд" из Китая: Как объяснить это название, "classic female poison earplugs"? Оказывается…

  • кривая типа ы

    Появилась математическая статья, вроде бы круто продвигающая важную тему в арифметической геометрии. Не спрашивайте меня, что это такое и что…

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