Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

всячина (ангоязычная)

  • Смешная запись хорошего, судя по всему, юзера q_pheevr, в которой он представляет, как один нобелевский лауреат приходит получать премию.
  • Зашёл в Максвиниз (литературный журнал со склонностью к странному, необычному юмору) увидел там много хорошего. Очень хорошая рубрика: Open Letters to People or Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond. Особенно: открытое письмо пингвинам:
    I would like to apologize on behalf of my species for making fun of you. Please understand that not all of my people view you in the ridiculous light in which you are portrayed on most TV specials and in most news articles. Contrary to what you may believe, many of my kind take you quite seriously. We have enormous respect for your flightless ancestry and your place in this world.

    In the interest of addressing some of the gravest offenses to your sensibilities, I'd like to start by saying that we realize that you are not actually wearing tuxedos. We don't quite understand the evolutionary purpose of your black-and-white color scheme, so we have simply said that you wear tuxedos to be funny. [...]

    и открытое письмо моим стажёрам:
    I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so closed-minded. Did your pathetic little gestures of misdirected revenge make you feel better this summer? What usually makes me feel better after a long day at work is a Jack Daniel's and a BMWful of extremely hot women. But whatever floats your boat.

    Whatever floats your tiny, tiny, shriveled little boat.

    Ещё есть интересная рубрика Interviews With People Who Have Interesting Or Unusual Jobs. Например, интервью с секретаршей в спермобанке, интервью с Repo Man (не знаю, как это по-русски назвать... человек, который, например, приходит отбирать машину, если долги за неё не выплачены), интервью с водителем лимузина.

    И старая добрая рубрика списков тоже порадовала: Elvish or Yiddish?, Gospel Song Titles That Sound Dirty.
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