Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о мобильных телефонах

Что бы вы сделали, если бы где-нибудь рядом с вами в публичном месте кто-то не просто говорил по мобильному телефону, но также перевёл его в режим спикера (т.е. посторонним слышат обоих собеседников) на максимальную громкость?

Дэн Гилмор рассказывает, как это с ним случилось (англ.) пару недель назад, в зале ожидания аэропорта. Он не сделал ничего — только написал об этом позже в своём веблоге. Интересней, чем сама запись, многочисленные комментарии, в которых читатели объясняют ему, как они поступают в таких случаях. Например:

  • fire up iTunes, or a DVD, and turn up the sound. headphones? why bother?
    it usually gets the point across, usually just AFTER you interrupt them enough to get annoyed at you...
  • If you didn't beat him up, this is a non-story
  • My technique is unstoppable: whenever someone near me is having a very loud conversation on his or her mobile (whether via speakerphone or otherwise), I pull out a pad or my laptop and begin to transcribe, as obviously as possible, every single word I hear -- if on my laptop, I increase the font size on my screen so that the speaker can see what I'm doing. I've yet to sell a transcript to the speaker, but I'm working on it.
  • Another alternative -- just scream "HEY! WHAT THE F**K IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!" :) A surefire winner!
  • But did you employ violence as rationale would clearly dictate?
  • I have had to deal with this situation too. I know it's probably not your style, Dan, but what I do is _participate in the conversation!_ After all, they're using speakerphone, aren't they inviting you to take part?

    This always generates a dirty look, but has never failed to cause the miscreant to pick up his (why is it always a he?) phone and speak more normally.
  • had some ass speaking very loudly on her cell phone on a crowded train one day. She was talking about office politics, who was messing with who, and what client her company was currently working with.

    After hearing enough of this conversation to have the general vocabulary, I turned to her and said: "I work for a company that also does business with client XXX. I'm sure they will be happy to hear about detail YYY and ZZZ. I can't thank you enough for giving me all of this insider information because I'm sure I can turn it into a real revenue boost. I wish you the best of luck in your next job, because I would be you will be looking soon. Have a nice day.".

    That shut her up real fast. She turned completely white and quickly ended the call.

    Once the train arrived, a couple of people thanked me for shutting her up.
  • You obviously have no life. Don't you have anything better to do than complain about others? You had two choices -- ignore it or kick his ass. You didn't do either, which clearly brands you as a pussy. A "man" who whines about things after the situation is over should be wearing a dress. Did you call mommy and tell her about this faux pax too?
  • Dan, you either say something or move. If you do neither don't complain! It is very weak. He probably has no clue he was causing you grief. Believe me most people will be nice and step outside or put on the ear piece. If you don't speak up don't expect someone to be more pleasant or even no it was pissing you off
  • Take out your phone, conspicuously close by the offending cell screamer, and undertake a loud conversation of your own - where you neutrally describe the current conversational antics (and social obliviousness) of the cell moron…you’ll feel better, the cell nitwit will learn, and if you can get an audience, you’ll get a laugh or two…
  • Whiner. You should have said something instead of feeling impotent and angry and then blogging it. There are a million of these rude things happening all over the world all day long, how about blogging that you found a good way to deal with it rather than just telling us about poor you and the rude man.
  • This has only happened once to me, but it was enough. I simply took out my phone, very ostentatiously dialed it and pointed it at the guy's mouth. He did a double take, paused in his conversation and asked me what I was doing. I replied that his phone probably didn't broadcast worldwide and I was just helping him along. He looked around, turned red and apologized. No conflict, no boorish behavior.

А как бы вы поступили в такой ситуации? И сталкивались ли с ней?

[я никогда не сталкивался; наверное, подошёл бы и попросил вежливо перейти в нормальный и негромкий режим разговора или выйти]
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