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Забавная история*:

Not long after the First World War, the movie baron Samuel Goldwyn set up a stable of Eminent Authors in an attempt to give silent screenplays more literary weight. One of the recruits was the Nobel Prize-winning Belgian writer Maurice Maeterlinck. Initially, neither party seems to have been troubled that Maeterlinck spoke no English, and the great Belgian set to work on a screen version of his novel La Vie des abeilles. When the script was translated Goldwyn read it with increasing consternation until he could no longer deny the evidence of his senses. ‘My God!’ he cried. ‘The hero is a bee!’ ”

*не хватает слова «анекдот» в его английском (или первоначальном русском) значении: забавный или поучительный эпизод, достоверность которого не слишком важна. «История» предполагает большую степень достоверности, чем обычно имеется в наличии.
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