Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

компьютерное (англ.)

На израильской линуксовской рассылке обсуждают запомнившиеся ляпы и проблемы.

Вот незамысловатый, но милый случай:

Not long ago, one of our clients, running Windows 2000 Server, in a very
complicated testing environment (testing our product), installed the
product, and since then, his server was unable to boot. During the debug
procedure, he was asked to send us his registry, and so he did. He
exported his registry to a reg file, and sent it to us, only for one of
our tech supporters/QA to double-click on it, and say "yes".
Since installing a faulty server's registy seemed like a bad idea, he
immediately rebooted, and since then, his computer, just like the client's
one, was unable to boot.

I told him I'd sell tickets for his show, if he ever did it again.

Ещё на один неплохой рассказ, о root-доступе, дам ссылку, не цитируя.
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