Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

комп. новости

Adobe купила Macromedia. Теперь следует ожидать появления PDFlash - приложения, столь же медленного, как Acrobat Reader, и столь же назойливого, как Flash.

Забавное переложение корпоративного FAQа Adobe на человеческий язык (via jwz):
Do you expect to integrate the FlashPlayer and the Adobe Reader?

The complementary functionality of FlashPlayer and Adobe Reader will enable the deployment of a more robust cross-media, rich-client technology platform. The combined company will continue to be committed to the needs of both the FlashPlayer and Adobe Reader users.

You think the current version of Acrobat Reader takes too long to launch, runs too slowly, and uses too much memory? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Will all the reductions in employees come from one company or the other, or both companies?

Any potential reductions will be carefully considered and are likely to impact both organizations.

Have we mentioned that PDF is an excellent format for distributing résumés?
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