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великие о великих (англ.) - Поклонник деепричастий [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Anatoly Vorobey

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великие о великих (англ.) [май. 19, 2005|02:44 pm]
Anatoly Vorobey
"... But it is true that Descartes hated Fermat, who corrected him more than once. In the standard recent biography, Stephen Gaukcroker quotes a letter from Descartes to Mersenne which describes the work of Fermat as "shit." S. Gaukroger, Descartes. An Intellectual Biography, Oxford:Clarendon Press, p. 323. The reader is referred to the 2nd edition of Adam & Tannery's Works of Descartes, Paris, 1974-1986, vol. 2, pp. 463-464."

(из письма в рассылку, посвящённую истории математики)