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Разбирая спам, не могу не поразиться тому, как много людей желают знать подробное расписание моих эякуляций.

Кстати, у слова ejaculation есть устаревшее значение: возглас, восклицание. Например, в "Робинзоне Крузо" оно встречается аж три раза:

It was not long before horror seized the seamen themselves, and I heard the master express this melancholy ejaculation, "Lord have mercy upon us, we shall be all, lost and undone!"


Thus being swallowed up in a moment, we had hardly time to call upon the tremendous name of God; much less to implore, in dying ejaculations, his infinite mercy to receive our departing souls.


Thus being easy, and settled in my mind, my chief happiness was to converse with God, in most heavenly and comfortable ejaculations.

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