Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey


Журналы, которые ведут от имени всяких знаменитостей, я уже видел. А неужели нет журналов, которые ведут от имени Гарри Поттера итп.?

(меня насмешил этот небольшой экспромпт: "He goes off to war and spends
the 1920s in Paris where he circulates business cards that

"Young discrete English gigolo will work magic on

Ginny is forgotten until one day... "'Arry is that you?" "Ginny!"

Another two thousand pages. It is 1940. The Bosch have returned
to Paris. 'Arry and 'is old lady, the once captivating Ginny Weasley,
run an underground cell. Harry hasn't touched magic in 15 years.
(Ginny made him swear it off after he turned a Renault into a
pumpkin in a failed attempt at upgrading into something more stylish
for a suburban couple of the Potters' modest means.) Harry consults
his old Hogwarts book. So many unpleasant ways to work
magic on the occupiers! "I'll become a 'ero, I will," thinks
Harry to himself, nearly turning himself into a sandwich. )
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