Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

компьютеры и магия (англ.)

Почему-то вспомнилась хорошая история о компьютерной грамотности и магии. Её рассказали в переводческой рассылке LANTRA пару месяцев назад. Скопирую сюда без указания имён и с небольшой (орфографической) правкой.

Дальше будет по-английски, извините те, кто его не знает, времени переводить у меня сейчас категорически нет.

Glenn [my partner at the time] and I had hired a new secretary/"office manager" for our engineering-contruction firm. Small office, a couple of semior engineers, a couple of juniors and draftsmen. The office was networked with both macs and PCs, with engineers using autoCad and most of the project management, accounting and general document work done on the macs.

Part of JoAnn X. duties were to draw up the new contracts, mostly boiler-plate. All that was really needed was to modfy spec sheets, names, addresses, special clauses etc. Contracts generally ran 7 - 10,000 words plus drawings and material schedules.

She was new to computers but a hell of a fast, accurate typist. I asked her to create a new contract for client Z -- remindng her that she could transfer the template contract into a new document/window and just make sure to update the specific job info. I went over to look at how she was coming along with the new contract and discovered she was about one-third of the way through [re]typing the entire new document, reading from the template doc open in a window next to the one she was typing in.

So I had her stop. Clicked in the new doc window and deleted everything she'd already typed. She sucked in enough air fast enough you could hear it all the way across the office. Clicked in the template doc; typed Command-A, typed Command C; then I typed Command-V to paste the whole template into the window she'd been typing in, which, then, well, you know.

And the last thing she said, as I walked away thinking about whether or not to fire her, was "That was real magic!"
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