Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о тоске по дому

Не пытаясь переводить на русский язык (простите, устал и измучен), процитирую случайно обнаруженное в английском переводе древнекитайского исторической хроники Hou Hanshu (составлен в 5 веке, описывает события 25-221 годов). Если быть точнее, то по ссылке можно найти перевод части этого текста, посвящённой "западным областям", включая Римскую империю того времени (и тем он особенно интересен).

In the ninth yongyuan year [97 CE], during the reign of Emperor He, the Protector General Ban Chao sent Gan Ying to Da Qin (the Roman Empire). He reached Tiaozhi (Characene and Susiana) next to a large sea. He wanted to cross it, but the sailors of the western frontier of Anxi (Parthia) said to him:

“The ocean is huge. Those making the round trip can do it in three months if the winds are favourable. However, if you encounter winds that delay you, it can take two years. That is why all the men who go by sea take stores for three years. The vast ocean urges men to think of their country, and get homesick, and some of them die.”

When (Gan) Ying heard this, he gave up his plan.
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