Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey


Скотт Адамс попросил(англ.) читателей своего блога рассказать какие-то ужасные истории про своих сослуживцев. Как обычно, он получил несколько сотен ответов, подавляющее большинство из которых очень несмешны и неинтересны, но несколько - просто замечательны.

  • i have an officemate who likes putting labels on stuff. he is smart though because he put tiny labels where people don't expect them. i was using this cool pen and he said that "that's my pen." and i said, "yeah right, does it have your name on it?" he opened the pen and pulled out the ink barrel. inside was small piece of paper with his name on it.

  • Our boss out of the blue decided to run around the office in the nude one day. Giving us orders like nothing. When we all started laughing, she started singing, too. "I got a crush on you sweetie-pie", etc...

    After she was arrested, she payed us a visit 3 months later to apologise. And that she has less stress in her life. When she asked to use the bathroom, she came out nude again and started singing.

    When the secretary screamed, naked former boss made a dash out the door. And that's it so far.

  • I had a complaint from a supervisor because I cc: an email to her, instead of sending it to her and copying the message to the other person. Talk about making too much of yourself!!

  • Me: MS word documents take up a lot of memory.
    Induhvidual: Why don't you reduce the font size?

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