Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о словах (англ.)

Прекрасная запись в Making Light. О фразах, которые по-английски неправильно "на звук" пишут и переосмысливают, благо омофонов и почти-омофонов хватает. Там огромное количество прекрасных примеров, из которых не удержусь и перепишу сюда какое-то количество особенно понравившихся - увы, не знающим английский язык их прелесть совсем не будет понятна. На (примерно) ту же тему см. также The Eggcorn Database.

  • I'm loathed to do it
  • he was the hunter, and she his query
  • fox paws
  • it's a doggy-dog world
  • for all intensive purposes
  • reign in one's enthusiasm
  • plaintiff melody
  • Oh, and we must not forget the ever-popular, "low and behold."
  • Democracy has been running rapid in the Middle East over the past fifty years.
  • Love is something everyone indores.
  • "Earth fell under the alien yolk"
  • "the point is mute"
  • From an short story read online:
    "He put her hands around her waste."
    Um, eww?
  • "The medieval system of government was considered pointless and ineffective. That is why it was called futilism."
  • misquote spray
  • We watched shutter spread memetically through one fandom's fanfic, and then out into others. At one point it seemd like every second sex scene had someone shuttering. It was often associated with taught muscles.
  • "Cleopatra ... memorised the Roman men."
  • On a local news broadcast, I once saw a graphic listing charges that had been brought against someone, including "wreckless driving".
  • "He gave her organism after organism."
  • "I am also reminded of the list that Ellie Lang used to have of titles of books that customers had requested at some bookstore or other..." [...] "(My favorite entry on Ellie Lang's list was One Hundred Years of Solid Food.)"
  • Seen on the menu board at a cheap cafe: "cup of chino"
  • prime Madonna
  • boo-koo bucks (ugh! from "beaucoup")
  • "since time in memorial"
  • I felt that approaching you with a synapse rather than an unsolicited manuscript.....
  • "I am not at your beckon call," she wrote.
  • This just in, on a final essay: "He spoke for the poor and those who really did not have a voice in the public eye."
  • "Mill understood that the body cannot with stain, what the mind does not understand."
  • people offering "rod iron" furniture and items that are fully "in tact" as well.
  • "Symphony in a Flat".
  • "Gradually the spirit solidified into corporal form."
  • "Our hospital was in the mist of a project ..."
  • "Taking the United states as a hole,"
  • I once heard a man say he had a "photogenic memory." One that only remembered pretty things, I guess.
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