Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о переводах

Languagehat очень интересно пишет о переводах Мандельштама на английский язык. Он приводит свой перевод "Возьми на радость из моих ладоней...", и задается вопросом об интерпретации второй строфы. Я написал у него в комментариях то, как я ее понимаю, но совсем не уверен в этом своем прочтении:

The way I understand it is something like "the boat that could have been moored for us to unfasten it and leave on a journey and travel to faraway lands and, at some future time, hear a shadow moving with the sound of a person wearing furs, and (perhaps as a result of that, or maybe just by virtue of this hypothetical life that could begin by us leaving on a boat) to be able to overcome the fear that always pervades this gloomy, dark, primal thing that is life - that boat had never in fact been moored (so it's impossible to unfasten it), there is no boat, we can't leave, and all that's left for us is...", cue next stanza.

That was of course a very crude and painstakingly spelled-out and blown-up description of what is at most a transient feeling evoked by those lines, but that's what I could come up with.

И в самой записи, и в комментариях там еще много интересного, рекомендую.


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