Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

извращенная 16-ричная (англ.)

(эта запись будет интересна только программистам)

Из комментариев к недавней записи WTFDaily (сама запись вполне средненькая):

Believe it or not, in the bad old days when dinosaurs
walked the earth, Honeywell computers (notably the 801)
used a hexadecimal notation that omitted 'A'. The
digits for 10 through 15 were 'B' through 'G' - and
were represented by script characters that were not
used for the ordinary alphabet.

Why 'B' through 'G'? Turns out that the letter position
was obtained by throwing away the most significant
bit of the hex digit. 10(10) == 1010(2), throw away the
most significant bit and it's 10(2), so use the second
letter of the alphabet, 'B'. And so on up to
15(10) = 1111(2), throw away the most significant bit
and it's 111(2), or 7(10), so use the seventh letter
of the alphabet, 'G'.

It was incredibly annoying.

Прекрасно, по-моему ;)
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