September 13th, 2001

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немножко лытдыбра

1. Больше писать о теракте и Америке в записях и комментах просто не могу. Буду пытаться вернуться к обычному дневниковому режиму, насколько возможно.

2. Очень надеюсь, что террористы никакой "второй волны" не предусмотрели, и продолжения этого безумия не будет. Дорогие американцы, мне за вас больно и страшно. Держитесь и не отчаивайтесь.
moose, transparent

телеграфным стилем: разные голоса

Рассказ очевидца с фотографиями. - этой ссылки на ЖЖ, кажется, не было.

We must shock them more than they have shocked us. We must do so with a force not yet seen in human history. - Andrew Sullivan

The barbarians will learn what America's all about. - Seattle Times

"I was on Chase Plaza. I heard a bang. It started to rain paper from the sky." - рассказы очевидцев

"it should serve as a warning to our leaders that assuaging the public's grief with B-52 strikes will reap its own unforeseeable whirlwind." - Bruce Shapiro,

" has become evident that much of downtown NY is currently without power, and many telco hotels are running on backup generators." - как интернет-операторы пытаются сохранить связь в Нью-Йорке.

"When Oppenheimer saw the flash of the Trinity explosion, he quoted the Vedas: "I am become the destroyer of worlds." Our world really did end today. Who destroyed it? We don't even know." - подборка реакций читателей Slate.

"As long as that Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues, America, as Israel's prime ally, will be a target, and no amount of anti-terrorism warfare will change that. " - из писем читателей в

Indeed, killing Islamic fundamentalist terrorists (which the perpetrators almost certainly were) can be not just ineffective, but counterproductive. - Robert Wright in Slate

"Kids, don't waste your time trying to understand such lunacy. The lesson here is brutally simple: No place is safe. No one is out of reach.

This is the world they're inheriting, God help them."
- Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald

"Nothing is ever "senseless."

There is no such thing as "closure."

Evil must be opposed."
- National Review

"The United States need not strike out blindly or precipitously. Sometimes revenge is a dish better served cold. But the organization that lies behind this week's destruction should, in all but its initials, cease to exist. " - The New Republic

"We have to fight the terrorists as if there were no rules, and preserve our open society as if there were no terrorists. It won't be easy. It will require our best strategists, our most creative diplomats and our bravest soldiers. Semper Fi. " - New York Times editorial