October 25th, 2001

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интервложенная Энеида

Вот какую замечательную книгу в библиотеке нашёл:

Virgil's Aeneid
Construed literally and word for word

Замечательное подспорье для изучающего латынь, между прочим.
Объяснить, что это такое, конечно, можно, но намного легче показать:

Book 1

Cano I sing arma arms virumque and the man, qui who primus first, profugus a wanderer fato by fate, venit came ab oris from the shores Trojae of Troy Italiam to Italy Lavinaque littora and the Lavinian shores; ille he multum jactatus [was] much tossed about et both terris on the land et and alto on the deep, vi by the power superum of the [gods] above, ob irammemorem on account of the lasting anger saevae Junonis of the cruel Juno. Multa quoque many things also passus he suffered et bello in war too, dum until conderet he could build urbem the city, inferretque and bring in deos his gods Latio into Latium, unde from whence [springs] genus Latinum the Latin race, Albanique patres and the Alban senators, atque and moenia the walls altae Romae of lofty Rome.

Musa O Muse, memora relate mihi to me causas the causes, quo numine laeso what deity being offended, quidve or what dolens grieving at regina the queen Deum of the gods impulerit forced virum a man insignem remarkable pietate for piety volvere to undergo tot casus so many calamities, adire to encounter tot labores so many labours...

И так вся Энеида.

Я просто балдею.
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