October 29th, 2001

moose, transparent

ещё об Америке: Найпол

Неполиткорректный свеженобелённый V.S.Naipaul об 11-м сентября и исламе. Думаю, olshansky это должно особенно понравиться.


What about nonfundamentalist Islam?

I think it is a contradiction. It can always be called up to drown and overwhelm every movement. The idea in Islam, the most important thing, is paradise. No one can be a moderate in wishing to go to paradise.

The idea of a moderate state is something cooked up by politicians looking to get a few loans here and there.

What do you think were the causes of Sept. 11?

It had no cause. Religious hate, religious motivation, was the primary thing. I don't think it was because of American foreign policy. There is a passage in one of the Conrad short stories of the East Indies where the savage finds himself with his hands bare in the world, and he lets out a howl of anger. I think that, in its essence, is what is happening. The world is getting more and more out of reach of simple people who have only religion. And the more they depend on religion, which of course solves nothing, the more the world gets out of reach. The oil money in the 70's gave the illusion that power had come to the Islamic world.

It was as though up there was a divine supermarket, and at last it had become open to people in the Muslim world. They didn't understand that the goods that gave them power in the end were made by another civilization. That was intolerable to accept, and it remains intolerable.