December 27th, 2013

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о волдеморте (англ.)

Отличный комментарий с реддита о том, почему последний фильм про Гатти Поттера ужасен. Хорошо объясняет, что не так с сценой последней битвы с Волдемортом:

One of the defining features of the tenuous peace after the First Wizarding War was its ambiguity. No one knew what had happened to Voldemort, just rumours of a spell gone wrong and him vanishing. You had people like Hagrid who said all along he'd be back, and people like Fudge who refused to believe it. People still lived in fear, not knowing what had happened to him. It was hugely important that Voldemort die in full view of all his followers and his main enemies. It was definitive. Every time previous that Harry had faced Voldemort, he'd done it alone. This, finally, was supposed to be the time he faced him surrounded and supported by his friends. And the whole point was that Voldemort finally had to face him on equal terms, as a mortal. In the book, his backfired Killing Curse just kills him stone dead. No magical evaporation, no vanishing, just a corpse that a very mortal man left behind for everyone to see.

I mean, what exactly happened next, unseen, in the movie? Did Harry just run in and say, "Hey everyone! I totally just killed Voldemort! Seriously, stop fighting, I—no, I can't show you his body. He's gone. I swear I killed him, though, were none of you watching? Guys?"

Rowling wrote that scene perfectly, and all they had to do was do exactly what she did. But, no, we had to have a completely irrelevant protracted aerial struggle between the two—that missed the point that Harry's ability to beat Voldemort was never about his own raw power—and a death that would have completely failed to give the wizarding world closure.