November 22nd, 2015

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лекция о черных дырах

На этой неделе в Тель-Авиве (во ВТОРНИК, 19:00) в рамках очередной встречи интересующихся рациональностью израильский физик из института Вейцмана Зоар Комаргодски прочитает лекцию о черных дырах и информации. Лекция посвящена памяти недавно умершего выдающегося израильского физика Яакова Бекенштейна, первооткрывателя в этой области.

Адрес: офис Гугла в Тель-Авиве, ул. Игаль Алон 98, 29 этаж.
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От лектора:

Physics in the past has progressed by connecting hitherto different concepts, for example: Space & Time, Electricity & Magnetism, Particles & Waves, and many others. We are now in the midst of another such exciting revolution, where Space-Time and Information Theory are being related. Jacob Bekenstein has laid out some of the basic concepts that appear in this surprising new developments. Thought experiments involving Black-Holes were central to the initial leaps that Jacob made.

The goal of the presentation is to describe in an informal fashion (requiring no particular prior knowledge of information theory or physics) what are Black-Holes, what did Jacob realise, what has been understood since his seminal papers, and what are the central remaining (formidable) challenges.