June 17th, 2016

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чай, обед и ужин


Несколько интересных обсуждений того, что в Британии понимают под "tea" как названием трапезы; что такое загадочный "high tea"; и извечный вопрос о том, что называется dinner - обед или ужин.

Я полагал, на самом деле, что весь англоязычный мир уже давно стандартизировался на схеме breakfast-lunch-dinner, но оказывается, это не так - в северных частях Англии и тут и там в Америке до сих пор обед называют dinner. Несколько интересных цитат из этих обсуждений:

"...in the north we have the following meals:
dinner (cooked) or lunch if it’s a light snack or eaten out, or occasionally bait if it’s a packed lunch;
tea - but only if we eat at home. It’s dinner if we eat out. Supper is usually a light snack late at night."

"James Joule, the great 19th century physicist, was from Manchester, at a time when northerners were not highly represented in the academic world. Recalling the difficultly he had getting published by the Royal Society when he was young, he once remarked that he “could imagine those gentlemen in London sitting around a table and saying to each other ‘what good can come out of a town where they dine in the middle of the day?'”"

"My first day working in a London recording studio, around lunch time a girl came in and asked us if we would like tea. I said I would and she said, “Ok what would you like?” I thought she was asking what brand or type I prefer, so I said I would take whatever was handy. She said she had soup and sandwiches. I was thoroughly confused until the guy with me twigged and said, “Tea is lunch or an afternoon meal, mate.”"

(twigged значит "догадался", я этого слова не знал)