Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

полански: два мнения.

1. Jenny Diski.
"As to his present martyrdom in a ‘politico-legal imbroglio’: the rape was admitted by Polanski, no one denies that it happened or that he skipped bail before sentencing and has carefully not returned to the US since. Possibly, there are other rapists on the run in Europe and America who are not ingenious film-makers and are therefore not being pursued, and if so, that is certainly unfair; though I’m inclined to think that they should be pursued rather than Polanski released from his responsibilities."
Диски также рассказывает, как ее в 14 лет в 1961-м году изнасиловали в Лондоне.

2. Bernard Henri Levy.
"It is shameful to throw a 76-year-old man into prison for unlawful sex committed 32 years ago.

It is shameful that, in countries where, like in Europe, you can bump off an old lady, torture your fellow man, mutilate him, and know that your crime, like all violent crimes, will be commuted after 10 or 15 years, everybody acts as if Polanski's crime should be immune to any possibility of commutation."

Мое собственное мнение не изменилось с тех пор, как я прочитал транскрипт свидетельства Саманты Геймер.
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