Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о ночных драконах (англ.)

Опубликован список финалистов на премию Хьюго-2012 (по фантастике). Я ничего оттуда не читал, кроме романа Мартина, но сейчас вот прочитал рассказ Джона Скальзи The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City, опубликованный год назад в виде первоапрельской шутки, и он замечательный. Вот первый абзац:
Night had come to the city of Skalandarharia, the sort of night with such a quality of black to it that it was as if black coal had been wrapped in blackest velvet, bathed in the purple-black ink of the demon squid Drindel and flung down a black well that descended toward the deepest, blackest crevasses of Drindelthengen, the netherworld ruled by Drindel, in which the sinful were punished, the black of which was so legendarily black that when the dreaded Drindelthengenflagen, the ravenous blind black badger trolls of Drindelthengen, would feast upon the uselessly dilated eyes of damned, the abandoned would cry out in joy as the Drindelthengenflagenmorden, the feared Black Spoons of the Drindelthengenflagen, pressed against their optic nerves, giving them one last sensation of light before the most absolute blackness fell upon them, made yet even blacker by the injury sustained from a falling lump of ink-bathed, velvet-wrapped coal.
Если кто-то хочет особенно порекомендовать что-нибудь из списка, расскажите.
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