Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
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о смешении метафор (англ.)

(via Miriam Burstein)

Забавный пример специального смешения метафор для комического эффекта:
And surely he well merited this faithful testimony at her hands, for it must be owned, that the arrows of true passion, when sharpened by the sceptre of disappointment, envelope the heart with a weight of woe, and forcibly obumbrate the finest feelings of the soul.
(to obumbrate означает "затемнять". Не за что)

Это из сатирического романа под названием Modern novel writing - вышедшего в свет, несколько неожиданно для романа с таким названием, в 1796-м году. Весь роман - пародия на сентиментальные романы того времени. Я о нем вообще ничего не знал, как и о его авторе, а он меж тем очень смешной. Вот выписываю целиком всю первую главу, для тех, кому тяжело читать старые шрифты с их особенной длинной буквой s:
Modern Novel Writing, Or, The Elegant Enthusiast

Chapter I

A Rural Picture

At the foot of a verdant declivity overshadowed by woodbine, jessamine and myrtle, and softly inundated by a sapphire rivulet and wandered through the neighbouring woods in serpentine simplicity, stood the sweet and elegant retired cottage of Arabella Bloomville. A majestic grove of aged oaks nodded in awful and sublime splendor on one side, while abrupt and fantastic rocks added dignity to the scene on the other. Here in spring was heard the mellifluous chorus of the goldfinch, the throstle, the linnet, the blackbird, the cuckoo, and the woodlark, nor was the melancholy bird of evening silent when the sun hid himself behind the western horizon. It was then that the pensive and matchless Arabells indulged her tender grief, and softly answered with her sighs to the pathetic melody of the feathered songstress. O enviable state of retired competence, how widely different from the turbulent occupations of exalted life, where vanity and factitious joys corrode the heard, and robbing it of its native captivation, leave us nothing but a blank!

Here the lovely girl would sit for hours with her blushing cheek pressed upon her lily hand, ruminating on the various disasters of her undirected youth, so young, and so unhappy! and here also the cherished miniature of her beloved absent Henry would prey upon her feelings.

'She sat, like patience on a monument
'Smiling at grief.' (Shakespeare)

Her dear and valuable parents in the grave, alas! the amiable orphan thus left to her own sad reflection in the very blossom of her days, without a friend into whose bosom she could pour her desolating woe; except the faithful Margaret Grimes, who had been the companion of her earliest infancy, and who had attended her through every vicissitude of her uncommon destiny. Arabella was but in the first spring of life, seventeen summers only had bleached her snowy bosom, yet the fatal experience of evil had more than doubled her years; what breast but must sympathize with such suffering excellence?

Let those feel now, who never felt before,
Let those who always felt, now feel the more.

Here for a moment let us drop the veil of oblivion on so deeply interesting a contemplation.
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