Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о кавайной японии (англ.)

Любопытная дискуссия в Реддите о том, как иностранцы приезжают жить в Японию, а потом разочаровываются. Процитирую один комментарий:
While when a foreigner goes to Japan, he experience a culture shock also, but a super positive one. Everything seems absolutely awesome, you feel like you are living in real life DisneyLand, people are nicer to foreigner than actually to Japanese, people serve you like a prince, everything is colorful with cute drawings everywhere and at the same time you get the stylish Japan with temple, Yukata, Onsen, tea ceremony etc...

But if you live there, well, after a while you get tired of seeing everyday at the news that the panda at the zoo is super cute, you are just asking yourself, but where is the serious stuff? Where are the meaningful conversations? And after living in a Japanese environment, after meeting a lot of Japanese who actually are more "typical" (Japanese who really want to interact with foreigner are not normal, they may be good at english or have lived abroad which is in fact VERY rare), you understand that people are just working so hard that the rest of the time they don't want to bother with annoying or not funny things or plainly bothering about other people. Or that it may be the opposite and that people really want to avoid as much interactions with others and they use work as an excuse. Anyway, it's a culture aftershock, you basically realize that Japan is boring as everywhere else, but also that this is a huge fake façade of a worksick and very sad society.

3 weeks ago, at my all-staff monday morning meeting, we had to do a 2 minutes training of... smiling. Every week somebody has to do something in order to "make the company feel like a family", that kind of stuff, and so yeah 3 weeks ago a company employee though it might be good that people train at smiling (basically there is almost no talking, no noise, no interaction during 13 hours/day minimum).

Может, живущие/жившие в Японии читатели захотят прокомментировать, какая это глупость или наоборот?

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