Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

улыбки на фотографиях

Об улыбках на старых фотографиях. Если вкратце: улыбка на фотографии - изобретение 20-го века (есть исключения в 19-м, они очень редки); в 19-м веке не улыбались при фотосъемке как по технологическим причинам - долгая выдержка, трудно удержать нормальную улыбку, скажем, 10 секунд - так и по культурным (фотография - серьезное дело).

Еще там говорят о том, что в современном обществе люди обычно автоматически переходят в "режим улыбки", когда их фотографируют. Конечно, под "современным обществом" тут надо понимать в основном западные страны. Цитата, от которой даже чуть не по себе:
"Most people when you point a camera at them their automatic reaction is to smile and I often have to tell them not to smile as the photograph is for a story which is of a serious nature.

"This has happened even when people are discussing the death of a loved one."


"During the recent storms I've photographed several people whose property has been destroyed or severely damaged, and all of them went straight in to smile mode for the camera.

"One lady had moved from South Africa after being robbed at gunpoint, only to have her new home destroyed by the Scottish weather.

"She was left homeless and many of her possessions were destroyed. It took quite some time to get a photograph in which she didn't have a beaming smile."
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