Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

японские долгожители

Пишут о том, что японские долгожители часто на самом деле долгомертвые, родственники просто продолжают получать пенсию.

The case of Sogen Kato, "Tokyo's oldest man," illustrates what's going on. In July 2010, police requested a birthday visit of Sogen Kato, ahead of Japan's Respect for the Elderly Day in September. Kato was born July 22, 1899, which would have made him 111. The police were repeatedly turned away by Kato's family. Eventually, officials entered Kato's bedroom and found his mummified body, dead for 30 years, on the bed. The family had been living off Kato's never-ending pension the whole time.

Это сильно. По ссылке там еще есть фотография мумифицированного тела Като с примечанием "Като не ответил на нашу просьбу об интервью".

(еще ссылки: обсуждение в HN, статья в NYTimes)
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