Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о себе, любимом

Стивен Вольфрам пишет рецензию на опубликованную посмертно автобиографию Мандельброта - и не может удержаться от того, чтобы поговорить в ней о себе, любимом:
In his way, Mandelbrot paid me some great compliments. When I was in my 20s, and he in his 60s, he would ask about my scientific work: "How can so many people take someone so young so seriously?" In 2002, my book "A New Kind of Science"—in which I argued that many phenomena across science are the complex results of relatively simple, program-like rules—appeared. Mandelbrot seemed to see it as a direct threat, once declaring that "Wolfram's 'science' is not new except when it is clearly wrong; it deserves to be completely disregarded." In private, though, several mutual friends told me, he fretted that in the long view of history it would overwhelm his work.

От Вольфрама вполне можно этого ожидать, и я не удивлен. Но Wall Street Journal мог бы и побрезговать публиковать такое, мне кажется...

(я уже давал в прошлом эту ссылку: подробная и очень интересная рецензия Козмы Шализи на главную книгу Вольфрама)
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