Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

неудачный эксперимент

Из реддита:
A guy I know was working at a California tattoo shop, and this guy came in wanting several lines of text on his forearm: that day's date, the time of his arrival, and the name and address of the tattoo shop that they were in. Tattooer tried to talk the guy out of it, since the prospective client had no other tattoos, and why get this as a tattoo? The guy says that he knows it's weird, but he expects time travel to have been perfected within his lifetime, and he wants his future self to have specific directions for where and when to find himself; he figured that this is his best bet of striking it rich and avoiding regret forever. Another tattooer steps up and takes the client, mostly holding back his laughter.
Tattoo took about an hour. Guy spends the whole time staring the door down, waiting for his own familiar-but-older face to greet him. Finishes and pays, starts to look shaken. Takes a seat in the lobby, begins to look quite nervous and sad. By this point all the employees have heard the story and are fucking with him: "Maybe your arm will be amputated." "What if you forget how to read?" Eventually, very nearly in tears, the guy left, bearing the permanent mark of a failed experiment.

(пересказ для не читающих по-английски: клиент попросил сделать татуировку с сегодняшней датой, временем, названием и адресом салона; когда его спросили, зачем, объяснил, что он убежден, что при его жизни изобретут путешествия во времени, и он хочет оставить будущему себе точные координаты, где найти себя молодого и передать себе кучу денег. Ему делают татуировку, он долго сидит и ждет самого себя, не дожидается и уходит в отчаянии)
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