Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

еще три математические цитаты (англ.)

Еще три цитаты из книги мемуаров американского математика Ральфа Боаса Lion Hunting and Other Mathematical Pursuits. На этом заканчивается список забавных цитат, которые я выписал, листая эту книгу.

A friend of mine overheard, in the subway, two young men talking in the seat behind him. One was saying, "Where I work, we measure things in thousandths of an inch." The other said, "Gee, that's small. I wonder how many of those there are in an inch." The first one replied, "I dunno—must be millions.”

From a lecture: "We showed the result to be best possible, but we didn't go beyond that."

Mark Kac once spent a year in Geneva, and his children went to a Swiss school. I visited the family shortly after they had returned to the U.S.; Kac's son, in high school, had been invited to talk to an Education class about the Swiss educational system. He said that he was going to begin by saying that the most obvious difference from the U.S. system was that it was inconceivable in Switzerland that a high school student would be allowed to address a college audience on any subject whatsoever.
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