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англоязычное чтиво (англ.)

1. Pynchon’s Mrs. Dalloway

Это прекрасное сравнение двух авторов, которых мне никогда бы не пришло в голову поставить рядом, побудило во мне желание перечитать и Пинчона, и Вульф.

Цитата: "In tone, setting, character, and incident, Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway (1925) is a world away from The Crying of Lot 49, but both books have the same overall shape and both describe a lonely and reluctant quest for meanings that can never be obvious. There are greater books, but none that move me in the same way."

2. Is The Cookbook Collector Literary, or "Only Mainstream"?

Интересное рассуждение (с цитатами из нескольких романов) о том, можно ли и стоит ли различать "mainstream" и "literary" романы, и что позволяет нам считать данный роман "literary". Я не знаю, как точно перевести эти термины на русский язык - возможно, в русской культуре этому соответствует разница между "художественной литературой" и "беллетристикой"? Но я не знаю, что в современной литературе считать беллетристикой, кроме романов Акунина, который сознательно метит в эту ячейку.

Цитата: "What is missing from Goldstein’s and Goodman’s novels is subjectivity: specifically, subjectivity in the language. The language in these books is flat. The treatment of ideas is superficial: not in the sense that the ideas are unsophisticated or that they’re treated in unsophisticated or uneducated ways, but, in the sense that there is no depth to them. Ideas are glanced at, disposed of in one sentence, and abandoned so that novelist and the reader can get on to the next thing. Nothing appears thought through. No striking thought makes its presence known behind the text; no striking thinking is laid out within the text itself."

3. Jester and Priest: On Leszek Kolakowski

Интереснейший обзор жизни и трудов польского философа, историка марксизма Лешека Колаковского. Его знаменитая трехтомная монография "Основные направления марксизма" считается лучшей историей марксизма; не знаю, найду ли я возможность прочитать ее, но хотелось бы.

Цитата: "In an “Open Letter” published in the Socialist Register in 1973, Thompson asked if the much-esteemed Polish comrade was still engaged in the struggle to transcend capitalism, so that humans could emerge from the kingdom of need into a kingdom of freedom, where “social consciousness might begin to determine social being?”

The answer was no. Kolakowski saw in Thompson an egregious case of Western blindness. As he explained in “My Correct Views on Everything,” for the likes of Thompson the Soviet system was tolerable as long as it did not kill its own leaders. ”I simply refuse to join people whose hearts are bleeding to death when they hear about any big or minor (and rightly condemnable) injustice in the US,” he wrote, “and suddenly become wise historiosophists or cool rationalists when told about worse horrors of the new alternative society.”"

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