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но никаких частиц не было

Из статьи: Art Hobson, "There are no particles, there are only fields"

Classical field theory and experiment imply fields are fundamental, and indeed Faraday, Maxwell, and Einstein concluded as much. Merely quantizing these fields doesn't change their field nature. Beginning in 1900, quantum effects implied that Maxwell's field equations needed modification, but the quantized equations were still based on fields (Maxwell's fields, in fact, but quantized), not particles. On the other hand, Newton's particle equations were replaced by a radically different concept, namely Schroedinger's field equation, whose field solution Ψ(x,t) was however inconsistently interpreted as the probability amplitude for finding, upon measurement, a particle at the point x. The result has been confusion about particles and measurements, including mentally-collapsed wave packets, students going "down the drain into a blind alley," textbooks filled almost exclusively with "particles talk," and pseudoscientific fantasies. The relativistic generalization of Schroedinger's equation, namely Dirac's equation, is clearly a field equation that is quantized to obtain the electron-positron field, in perfect analogy to the way Maxwell's equations are quantized. It makes no sense, then, to insist that the nonrelativistic version of Dirac's equation, namely the Schroedinger equation, be interpreted in terms of particles. After all, the electron-positron field, which fills all space, surely doesn't shrink back to tiny particles when the electrons slow down.

Thus Schroedinger's Ψ(x,t) is a spatially extended field representing the amplitude for an electron (i.e. the electron-positron field) to interact at x rather than an amplitude for finding, upon measurement, a particle. In fact, the field Ψ(x,t) is the so-called "particle." Fields are all there is.

There are overwhelming grounds to conclude that all the fundamental constituents of quantum physics are fields rather than particles. [...]
Field-particle duality exists only in the sense that quantized fields have certain particle-like appearances: quanta are unified bundles of field that carry energy and momentum and thus "hit like particles;" quanta are discrete and thus countable. But quanta are not particles; they are excitations of spatially unbounded fields. Photons and electrons, along with atoms, molecules, and apples, are ultimately disturbances in a few universal fields.

Насколько это стандартная/мейнстримная среди физиков/разумная точка зрения - что уравнение Шредингера можно и следует интерпретировать как уравнение поля, а значение волновой функции - как величину, указывающее вероятность интеракции поля в данном месте и в данное время, а не вероятность обнаружить частицу? Мнение о всей статье в целом тоже весьма интересно.
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