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"here ends the joy of my life" [авг. 29, 2016|10:19 pm]
Anatoly Vorobey

Джон Ивлин был адвокатом, помещиком и автором множества трактатов в Англии 17 века. Он прожил долгую жизнь и умер в 86 лет. Через сто лет после его смерти, в 1813 году, среди его бумаг нашли подробный дневник, который он вел в течение полувека.

В этом дневнике он так написал о смерти своего старшего ребенка, пятилетнего мальчика Ричарда, 27 января 1658 года:
After six fits of a quartan ague with which it pleased God to visite him, died my deare son Richard, to our inexpressible griefe and affliction, 5 yeares and 3 days old onely, but at that tender age a prodigy for witt and understanding; for beauty of body a very angel; for endowment of mind of incredible and rare hopes. To give onely a little taste of some of them, and thereby glory to God, who out of the mouths of babes and infants does sometimes perfect his praises: at 2 yeares and halfe old he could perfectly reade any of the English, Latine, French, or Gottic letters, pronouncing the three first languages exactly. He had before the 5th yeare, or in that yeare, not onely skill to reade most written hands, but to decline all the nouns, conjugate the verbs regular, and most of the irregular; learn'd out Puerilis, got by heart almost the entire vocabularie of Latine and French primitives and words, could make congruous syntax, turne English into Latine, and vice versa, construe and prove what he read, and did the government and use of relatives, verbs, substantives, elipses, and many figures and tropes, and made a considerable progress in Comenius's Janua; began himselfe to write legibly, and had a stronge passion for Greeke. The number of verses he could recite was prodigious, and what he remember'd of the parts of playes; which he would also act; and when seeing a Plautus in one's hand, he ask'd what booke it was, and being told it was comedy, and too difficult for him, he wept for sorrow. Strange was his apt and ingenious application of fables and morals, for he had read Aesop; he had a wonderful disposition to mathematics, having by heart divers propositions of Euclid that were read to him in play, and he would make lines and demonstrate them. As to his piety, astonishing were his applications of Scripture upon occasion, and his sense of God; he had learn'd all his Catechisme early, and understood the historical part of the Bible and New Testament to a wonder, how Christ came to redeeme mankind, and how, comprehending these necessarys himselfe, his godfathers were discharg'd of their promise.

These and the like illuminations far exceeded his age and experience, considering the prettinesse of his addresse and behaviour, cannot but leave impressions in me at the memory of him. When one told him how many dayes a Quaker had fasted, he replied that was no wonder, for Christ had said man should not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God. He would of himselfe select the most pathetic psalms, and chapters out of Job, to reade to his mayde during his sicknesse, telling her when she pitied him that all God's children must suffer affliction. He declaim'd against the vanities of the world before he had seene any. Often he would desire those who came to see him to pray by him, and a yeare before he fell sick, to kneel and pray with him alone in some corner. How thankfully would he receive admonition, how soon be reconciled! how indifferent, yet continualy chereful! He would give grave advice to his brother John, beare with his impertinencies, and say he was but a child. If he had heard of or saw any new thing, he was unquiet till he was told how it was made; he brought to us all such difficulties as he found in books, to be expounded. He had learn'd by heart divers sentences in Latin and Greeke, which on occasion he would produce even to wonder. He was all life, all prettinesse, far from morose, sullen, or childish in any thing he said or did. The last time he had ben at church (which was at Greenwich), I ask'd him, according to costome, what he remembered of the sermon: two good things, father, said he, bonum gratia and bonum gloria, with a just account of what the preacher said.

The day before he died he cal'd to me, and in a more serious manner than usual told me that for all I loved him so dearly I should give my house, land, and all my fine things, to his brother Jack, he should have none of them; the next morning, when he found himself ill, and that I persuaded him to keepe his hands in bed, he demanded whether he might pray to God with his hands unjoyn'd; and a little after, whilst in greate agonie, whether he should not offend God by using his holy name so often calling for ease. What shall I say of his frequent pathetical ejaculations utter'd of himselfe; Sweete Jesus save me, deliver me, pardon my sinns, let thine angels receive me! So early knowledge, so much piety and perfection! But thus God having dress'd up a Saint fit for himselfe, would not longer permit him with us, unworthy of the future fruites of this incomparable hopefull blossome. Such a child I never saw: for such a child I blesse God in whose bosome he is! May I and mine become as this little child, who now follows the child Jesus that Lamb of God in a white robe whithersoever he goes; Even so, Lord Jesus, Fiat voluntas tua! Thou gavest him to us, Thou hast taken him from us, blessed be the name of the Lord! That I had any thing acceptable to Thee was from thy grace alone, since from me he had nothing but sin, but that Thou hast pardon'd! blessed be my God for ever, amen!

In my opinion he was suffocated by the women and maids that tended him, and cover'd him too hot with blankets as he lay in a cradle, near an excessive hot fire in a close roome. I suffer'd him to be open'd, when they found that he was what is vulgarly call'd liver-growne. I caused his body to be coffin'd in lead and reposited on the 30th at 8 o'clock that night in the church of Deptford accompanied with divers of my relations and neighbours, among whom I distributed rings with this motto, Dominus abstulit; intending, God willing, to have him transported with my owne body to be interr'd in our dormitory in Wotton church, in my dear native county Surrey, and to lay my bones and mingle my dust with my fathers, if God be gracious to me and make me as fit for Him as this blessed child was. The Lord Jesus sanctify this and all other my afflictions, Amen!

Here ends the joy of my life, and for which I go even mourning to the grave.

У Джона Ивлина и его жены Мэри было восемь детей, из которых только младшая дочь пережила родителей. Остальные дети умерли в возрастах: 5 лет, 2 года, 44 года, один год, меньше года, 20 лет и 18 лет. Всего через две недели после смерти Ричарда, 15 февраля, умер годовалый Джордж.

[User Picture]From: spamsink
2016-08-29 07:26 pm
27 января 1858 года

1658, наверное.
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[User Picture]From: avva
2016-08-29 07:28 pm
Да, описка, сейчас исправлю, спасибо.
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[User Picture]From: ban_dana
2016-08-29 07:29 pm
Что-то с датами в посте явно не так...
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[User Picture]From: spamsink
2016-08-29 07:36 pm
С медицинской точки зрения интересная деталь: по-видимому, действительно, заметной причиной детской смертности был банальный тепловой удар.
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[User Picture]From: akss
2016-08-29 08:26 pm
>>> at 2 yeares and halfe old he could perfectly reade any of the English, Latine, French, or Gottic letters, pronouncing the three first languages exactly

Мамаши озабоченные ранним развитием должны обеспокоиться.
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[User Picture]From: varera
2016-08-29 08:36 pm
да уж, товарищ перегнул в скорби своей
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From: (Anonymous)
2016-08-31 12:44 am
Вы считаете, он врал в дневниковых записках? Мне тяжело такое представить...
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[User Picture]From: link0ff
2016-08-29 09:30 pm
Ещё жалко золотого мальчика, покрытого краской и в оставленного на ночь. smerti.net
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[User Picture]From: shaggy
2016-08-30 03:28 am
как невыносимо грустно это читать. :(
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[User Picture]From: avva
2016-08-30 06:31 am
да :(
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From: (Anonymous)
2016-08-30 07:32 am

Вот это я читать не буду.

Не буду себе настроение портить, оно и так неважное. Ну да, бывает что ребёночки помирают, но зачем лишний раз напоминать об этом? Что за садо-мазо?
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