Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

nothing kinky

Неожиданно понравился рассказ какого-то неизвестного автора в каком-то неизвестном лит. журнале: Nothing Kinky by Evan McMurry. Олдскульный сюжет: солдат, официантка, редкие встречи на побывке, его посылают в Ирак (раньше: во Вьетнам, раньше: в Корею, раньше: в Европу...) Хорошая проза, немного нервная, но не слишком.

Loved out, they scrounged loose change from her lunch tips and nibbled on scones at the town’s one coffee shop, penciling in half-finished crossword puzzles left by the sugar, reading personal ads aloud from the back of the free weekly and imagining answering them. “Husband seeks man to have sex with his pregnant wife while he watches,” Yvette recited. “Nothing kinky.”

“No way it says that.”

She proved it. He howled. So pristine they booked it home and made love in roaring celebration. Yvette stuck her finger up his ass until he whooped “nothing kinky!!!!!!!!” loud enough that her downstairs neighbor banged something dense against his ceiling. Became their joke: they treated themselves to pizza on the third night, Yvette asking what he wanted on it, Boyle saying, “Pepperoni, olives. Nothing kinky.” The morning he had to drive back, Boyle asking the weather, Yvette answering, “30% change of rain, nothing kinky.”
Tags: английский, литература
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