Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
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о толкине

Мне понравилась эта твиттер-ветка писателя Макса Глэдстоуна (ничего о нем не знаю) о том, как Толкин писал намного интереснее и неожиданнее, чем в популярном представлении является "фентези по Толкину". Само по себе это, наверное, неудивительно, но оформление и примеры хорошие.

(хотел перевести, но нет времени, так что процитирую в оригинале лучшую часть ветки:)

...the part where the destined hero is at best a distraction, AND the scruffy underdog protagonist reaches the final test... and fails it. Miserably and completely.

A series where the elder darkness is undone by the single most abject character in the series... in a moment of total capitulation to the power that broke him

And then, oh good, the elder darkness has gone away, and taken all immortality and magic and the grace we've grown to love with it

but at least our plucky underdog protagonists can return to a
*handed card from offscreen*
home totally ravaged by second-order effects of the war they've just won, not to mention rampant industrialization, betrayed by their former neighbors

but no worry they fight a guerilla resistance, then spend decades rebuilding and winning the peace, which Frodo at least gets to enj-
*handed another card*

I mean yes, sorry, never mind, enjoy while slowly suffering from a wound that does not heal, and the fact that he has been forever marked by the bearing of the ring, and (though Tolkien doesn't discuss it much) the knowledge that, when the chips were down, he wasn't strong enough

and even Bilbo who's from a much nicer book still asks about the ring

But hey, Sam makes it home at least

And all that's left of Galadriel in the West is the hair she gave to Gimli
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