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три статьи про трампа

Несколько интересных ссылок про Трампа.

1. Эндрю Салливан: "America’s Fever Is Still Rising". Салливан, известных гей-журналист консервативных взглядов, но поддерживавший в прошлом как Буша-младшего, так и Обаму, интерпретирует результаты недавних выборов в Конгресс как "business as usual" (хоть и в пользу демократов) и его это тревожит:

I wrote last week that the midterms would finally tell us what this country now is. And with a remarkable turnout — a 50-year high for a non-presidential election, no less — we did indeed learn something solid and eye-opening. We learned that the American public as a whole has reacted to the first two years of an unfit, delusional, mendacious, malevolent, incompetent authoritarian as president … with relative equanimity. The net backlash is milder than it was against Clinton or Obama (and both of them went on to win reelection). […] The trouble with a normal election cycle in 2018 is that we do not have a normal president in 2018. We have a deranged, fabulist bully.

That’s not just 42 percent of the country (to use Trump’s approval rating); it’s a motivated 42 percent. And what Trump has successfully done, by corralling right-wing media, tweeting incessantly, dominating the discourse, tending so diligently to his base, and holding rally after rally, is keep that engagement going. Most presidents are interested in governing and sometimes take their eye off the ball politically. Trump is all politics and all salesmanship all the time. And it works. If he can demonstrate this in the midterms, imagine what his reelection campaign will be like. So where does this point us? To nowhere good, I’m afraid.

Салливан также критикует демократов за вакханалию с кандидатурой Кавано в Верховном Суде, и высказывает озабоченность увольнением генпрокурора Сешнза: " Firing Sessions and replacing him the day after the election is an aggressive, shameless move by a president who clearly doesn’t intend to be subjected to the rule of law, if he can help it."

2. Daniel Dale: "It's easy to fact check Trump's lies. He tells the same ones all the time"

Статья в Вашингтон-Пост канадского журналиста, который часто публикует в своем Твиттере популярные (и достоверные, судя по нескольким примерам, что я видел) опровержения вранья Трампа. Несколько интересных примеров и закономерностей.

"Listen to this president long enough, and you can almost sense when a lie is coming. If Trump tells a story in which an unnamed person calls him "sir," it's probably invented. If Trump claims he has set a record, he probably hasn't. If Trump cites any number at all, the real number is usually smaller.

It's the comically trivial ones that stand out. I'll never forget when the Boy Scouts of America got back to me to say that the president of the United States had made up a nonexistent phone call in which the Scouts' chief executive supposedly told him he had given "the greatest speech that was ever made" to a Scout Jamboree."

3. Тоже в Вашингтон-Пост, но в противоположную сторону. Marc Thiessen: Trump could be the most honest president in modern history.

Основной аргумент тут такой: да, Трамп все время врет, но это безвредные преувеличения, зато он выполняет все свои обещания, в отличие от всех остальных президентов. Меня это не убеждает (убедительная статья с таким аргументом должна сравнить кол-во или процент выполненных обещаний, например, Обамой, с трамповским), но Тиессен действительно приводит немало примеров того, что Трамп выполнил какие-то свои обещания - в отдельных случаях эти выполненные обещания даже можно одобрить.
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