Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey


Забавная тема на реддите: что звучит как комплимент, а на самом деле им не является?

Некоторые удачные примеры (все по-английски, сорри):
  • When people with a puzzled look on their face compliment me on how pretty my wife is.

  • A male friend of my sister once told her, " You know, if you had half a brain you'd be dangerous."

  • You so beautiful that you could be a part time model.

  • “You are such an adventurous dresser! I wish I was brave like that!”

  • “It’s impossible to underestimate you.”

  • Good thing you are pretty.

  • Something about being on top of the Bell-curve.
  • "if you do your best and really reach your full potential, I think you might be able to reach the top of the bell curve"

  • "It is so nice you can focus on your newborn and not worry about what your house looks like."

  • "I love that you don't care what people think of you."

  • "Wow, that was...something!" "You really did your thing!" "That was so... you."

  • I love what you tried to do with your hair!

  • As a director of high school theatre, if a parent says “it looks like everyone on stage had a good time” it means “no one in the audience enjoy this show”

  • I had a woman at my last high school reunion tell me: "Omigosh, I can't believe it's you! You're so handsome now!"

  • "Yours is perfect, I don't like them big anyway!"

  • At work, whenever anyone does anything nice for me, I'll always hit them with "Aww, thanks! You know, it's not true what people say about you. You're alright."
Tags: английский, культура
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