Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о британском этикете

Газета "Нью-Йорк Таймс" предложила читателям в Твиттере рассказать о мелких преступлениях, которые случились с ними в Лондоне (собирают материал для статьи). Это породило волну остроумия на тему британского этикета. Несколько милых ответов:

  • I was on the Piccadilly Line last week and the announcer said there were “delays due to less drivers available” instead of “fewer”. The outrage on the crowded platform was so intense that several people audibly sighed.

  • While wearing my coat on the tube, a stranger brazenly sat on the bottom of it as it had accidentally encroached onto his seat. I had to travel eight stops further than intended to retrieve it. #pettycrime

  • I was in a busy pub just yesterday, I knew the gentleman a few people to my right was there before me but he was looking at his phone. I placed my order without alerting him. I haven't been sleeping since.

  • I recently took my 10 month old daughter on the underground. She stared at people, it frightened them. She doesn’t know the code. She now lives in the north. The tube is safe once more.

  • As a Northerner visiting London I have been known to commit petty crimes, such as saying hello, smiling or nodding to people I don't know.
Tags: #pettycrime, культура
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