Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

Дейкстра, compatibility, и чуть-чуть Ворфа, сдобренного Сапиром

Цитата из Тюринговской лекции Дейкстры (1972-й год, между прочим):
I pray daily that more of my fellow-programmers may find the means of freeing themselves from the curse of compatibility.
На что в 2002-м году я хотел бы отреагировать так: Ха! Нет, лучше так:
Ха. Ха. Ха.

А вот ещё интересный отрывок из той же лекции, затрагивающий в каком-то смысле тезис Ворфа-Сапира, применяя его к программистам:
Now for the fifth argument. It has to do with the influence of the tool we are trying to use upon our own thinking habits. I observe a cultural tradition, which in all probability had its roots in the Renaissance, to ignore this influence, to regard the human mind as the supreme and autonomous master of its artifacts. But if I start to analyse the thinking habits of myself and of my fellow human beings, I come, whether I like it or not, to a completely different conclusion, viz. that the tools we are trying to use and the language of notation we are using to express or record our thoughts, are the major factors determining what we can think or express at all![...]

Выделено мной.
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