Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

о книгах и чтении (англ.)

Смешная статья Майкла Кинсли о том, как он был судьёй премии за лучший нон-фикшн года.
Many years ago, I conducted an experiment of placing a note in copies of several briskly selling books in a local Washington bookstore. The notes had my phone number and offered $5 to anyone who saw them and called me up. No one called. Though hardly scientific, this tended to confirm my suspicion that people like buying books more than they like reading them. And of course, in the famous formulation (credited to Gloria Steinem, among others), writers don't like writing—they like having written. They like having written under the impression that this means they will be read. The whole book thing is thus based on mutual misunderstanding.

Отличная фраза "writers don't like writing -- they like having written" не поддаётся, кажется, хорошему переводу на русский язык. Есть несколько возможностей это передать по-русски, но ни одной столь же естественной и лаконичной, как в оригинале.
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