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ЖЖ - наркотик

Если кому-то ещё нужны доказательства того, что ЖЖ - сильнейший наркотик, их можно найти в комментах к этой записи (англ.), к которой посылает суппорт всех, кто жалуется на невозможность оставить новые записи/комменты. Избранные цитаты оттуда в этом духе (тоже по-английски):
  • i feel lost without livejournal. hurry up!
  • I feel so sad without LJ... Please, hurry.
  • oh no! live journal has a glitch!!!
    please fix it soon coz i wanna post and so do so many other people!
    *tear* im lost without my journal *tear*
    Me want LJ!
  • Without the freeusers this site would be nothing!!! I'm sitting here with a million thoughts in my head, i must post!!!! Since u made us freeusers the lowest priority when it comes to people who can post, make fixing the problem your highest, and MAYBE we'll all overlook this little mishap.

  • Hurry Fix im an addict i NEED my live journal! i must rant!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ... ВОТ БЛЯ ...
  • figures. when i finally have something worthwhile to say, livejournal experiences problems. psh.
    when will it back up again?
  • hurry hurry hurry...i have so many things to post!! my head is going to explode!!
  • hurry please how long do you think it might take??
  • this sucks major asssss
  • AHHHHHH. die! blah. I really need to post. but. okay. I hope you get the machines fixed soon :(
  • Kill me now.
    I have so much to say and no one can see it till LJ comes back!
  • I post an average of 14 journal entries a day, sometimes exceeding twice that. I have a LOT of pissed off people wondering if I'm dead or alive here. [...]
  • i just realized for the first time how incredibly pathetic i am. i dont know what to do with myself now that livejournal isnt available. ::dies:: i need to get a life.
  • This is so uncool. I have nothing to do. Do you guys know what you're doing to all the slackers out there? Killing us, that's what.
  • plz hurry
    I have alot to talk bout and I need to post it is it done yet?
  • so much to say and no LJ to say it.
    ...well i guess this is growing up...
  • please hurry i wont know what to do without my livejornal! i have to post soon or ill start having withdraws. oh there i go twitching and stuff. haha please fix it soon.
  • *chews off all fingernails, listens to several cds, rebraids hair, keeps trying to post, is getting worried 'cause she needs to write, blah blah blah it's all white noise anyways...*
  • This blows total ASS. I'm a loser and I have nothing to do but whine in my journal.. and now you've taken that away from me.

  • man, i really miss my livjournal...i am starting to pout? long is it going to take to fix it! blast us free users
  • I really miss posting in my LJ... plz fix it soon ;-;
  • Hmm... is this the point where the emo kids start to slash their wrists??
  • huuuuuurrrrrrryyyyyy D:
  • Oh gosh! I hopethis gets fixed soon I am so in a bind without my LJ!!!! Hurry!! I hoep I can get the money up soon so I can pay you gys for your wonderful service!!
  • I NEED to post my daily LJ post! Please hurry...I have to get to bed soon. :( This is really important...can't you let us update?
  • come on. i am dying without livejournal. ARGH!
  • i feel bad posting a comment after there's already a good 248 or whatever... but i'm losing it! i've been trying to post an entry for 4 hours... and i'm use to posting every 10 minutes. grrrr.
  • I would seriously appreciate this glitch being fixed ASAP.

    My sister is being a total pit-feind from the depths of the third circle of Hell, and it's driving me bloody fucking insane not being able to vent.

    You'll be able to read the full story in my LJ when it's fixed.
  • please hurry. my addiction is getting to me....ahhhhhhhhh.
  • that sucks.
    you took my life away.
  • fw;lkja?V ;H3DSKZNv"p?pOHFTW9PQEPIVG A

    that was me slamming my head on my keyboard out of sheer boredom cause im lost without my lj. eep!

    hope it comes back soo *shakes* starting to go *shiver* through withdrawls....

    damn me for being a cheap bastid and not getting a paid account yet!
  • ok, this totally sux. i feel bout neone else?

Вот так-то.
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