Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

шуточная поэзия

Light Quarterly - журнал несерьёзной поэзии. Последний номер посвящён пересказу в несерьёзной поэзии классических шуток и анекдотов.

Пример из последнего номера:

A girl entered a pet shop, saying, "I don't have much money,
But I think this is enough, sir, so I'd like to buy a bunny."
"You want a widdle bunny?" asked the man who ran the shop.
"We have bunnies by the basketful, bunnies, hippety-hop!
Come pick your Peter Cottontail! He's huddled in this hutch.
Do you want an English spotted, or a cuddly-wuddly Dutch?
Or a fluffy Flemish giant, or a fuzzy Jersey wooly?
Or a jaunty jack jackrabbit? An angora wooly-bully?
Or a floppy-woppy French lop, or some handsome Belgian hares?"
The little girl responded, "I don't think my python cares."

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