Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

политкорректность в учебниках

Статья (англ.) о политкорректности и ошибках в школьных учебниках.

Например, в новом учебнике экономики половые органы статуй, стоящих у входа в нью-йорскую биржу, прикрыли набедренными повязками:
The cover of "Economics," a high school textbook due to enter city schools next year, sports a doctored photo of the New York Stock Exchange's landmark exterior.

With a pair of loincloths strategically inserted into the picture, publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston draped the private parts of the two heroic male figures — Agriculture and Science, by name.

Или, например, из фотографии супругов Кюри вырезали Пьера:
The famous 1896 picture of husband-and-wife scientists Marie and Pierre Curie experimenting with radioactivity in their Paris lab was reproduced in Holt's "SciencePlus: Technology and Society." But it was radically cropped to purge Pierre, who shared a 1903 Nobel Prize with his wife.

Holt's Blake said Marie "was a famous scientist in her own right" and that "some of her most important work took place after her husband died."
И много ещё такого там.
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