Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

dreamjournal -- куча людей заносят свои сны.

Но вообще-то сами сны читать оказывается делом довольно скучным, редко попадается что-то интересное.

Иногда возникает непреднамеренный комический эффект. Например:
There was this really tall man and his head got cut off in an accident but the doctors managed to save
him somehow and put his head back on. He wasnt really alive though....he was like back fromt the
dead. Anyway he was really really ugly and scary and wore this suit and didnt understand why people
didnt like him and his head was always falling off. It was freaky.

А ещё можно читать ньюсгруппу alt.dreams. Тоже очень неровно там, однако.

А в FAQ'е этой ньюсгруппы они смешно успокаивают (в ответе на вопрос о кошмарах):
If you are afraid of dying, then you should know that a lot suggest that you have a life after death, and whenever you want can you return to the physical world. This is called reincarnation.
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