Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote,
Anatoly Vorobey

параллельный ЖЖ strikes again

Коммьюнити anti_sluts -- это что-то невообразимое. Это песня.

Вот, например, последняя запись; кроме собственно смысла её слов, она замечательно демонстрирует использование слова-паразита like в речи американских подростков.
hmmm...My roomate left for the weekened to stay with her bf (whooopi), and may i include she has no class on ill be seeing her on Tuesday. And she is leaving next see her bf once again? Another whooopi for me! But.. I am confused because she was like when are you going home nadia? I am like..i'm not. She is like well..its cuz i am going to have someone over. I am like who? your bf? she is like no my ex bf. I am like wtf! You act like you love your current bf and always brag about him, but now you are bringing over your ex bf. I told her..well, you know what...hun.. you cant have him over..because i pay rent here to0! She was like..well..I am going to stay in Maribel's room (1st floor friend), and she is going to sleep in our room. I am like okay..but everyone knows her bf...and so when they see her with this other guy..they are going to know what a major slut she is. She is so annoying...I swear...I hate hearing about how she only dates black guys.. talking about white trash! She's like i only date black guys....bla bla bla...and gets all sexually explicit..not like i didnt caught a guy (other than her bf) a blow job. She drives me nuts...and she is like you are the best roomate ever..lets get an apt...together..HELL NO! oh...and she calls me to tell me..I am home..i didnt want you to worry about me..getting home. uhhh? I can care less. whooooo this feels good...Taking all this fustration out...i am going to enjoy not having a roomate till tuesday night..when she arrives!
Если что-то в этой тираде непонятно, можно спрашивать ;)
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